Our story


I though that it was high time that I began to blog here too, sharing patterns, tips and tricks, and maybe even some behind the scenes at Wee B HQ.

For our inaugural post, I thought that I'd share the story of how I came to crochet and where Wee B sprang from.

Crafting has always been a popular activity in my family. From cross stitching to watercolours, knitting to card making, the people of my family are forever crafting something. Naturally, this has rubbed off on me and I would often be found asking to have a go at whatever everyone else was up to.

During my second year at university, I tried to take up knitting but was forever falling out with the needles. It was then that I found crochet and soon found myself hooked! 

When my great gran sadly passed away, I was given some of her wool that was left in her stash and a hook and so I took to making something with it. I started where all good hookers do, a granny square. The blanket grew and grew and has become a staple camping blanket all these years later. It was so nice to have something that belonged to my great gran that I could keep and use frequently.

In my final years at University and my first few years working, I rarely picked up a hook as time was few and far between. I made a few blankets here and there for myself but there are only so many blankets one home can house. Suddenly however, friends of mine were having babies and I realised that I could make something rather than buying an item off the shelf. The first time I shared a handcrafted item and saw the joy it brought that family, I knew I'd found something special.

Fast forward a few years and my husband and I are expecting! We choose to use cloth nappies and soon find that modern clothes are simply not cut for cloth. On a mission to craft clothes that can fit cloth bums, I decide that I'd like to share my journey with other crafting parents and so, Wee B Crochet was born!

From little gifts and bonnets to bigger items like blankets, providing a handcrafted item that a family can love and pass down through generations is a true joy.

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