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Snuggly Soft Scent Squares for newborns, premature, neonatal, incubators

Snuggly Soft Scent Squares for newborns, premature, neonatal, incubators

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Snuggly soft baby bonding square, perfect for use in incubators and cots when Baby first arrives. The softest of chenille is perfect for precious newborn skin.

You will receive two squares of the same colour wrapped in tissue. If you would like two different colours, please specify this in the personalisation box at checkout.

These can be sent direct to the recipient if being gifted, just drop me a note as to any messaging you would like sent with them.

USAGE INSTRUCTIONS - taken from NHS Lothian Advice

Place one beside the baby, as close to their skin as possible. Keep the other with the mum/carer on their skin e.g. tucked into a bra strap or top.

Swap the squares every 12 hours to allow for baby to smell mum/carer and vice versa.

This can be helpful for breastfeeding/chest feeding as the smell of the baby being close can help to activate the happy hormones needed and stimulate the let down reflex.


Though these squares shouldn't be washed too much, they can be hand washed or machine washed up in water up to 30 degrees Celcius.
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Customer Reviews

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Jane English
Kind and thoughtful service

I can’t fault the fabric squares (gorgeous, soft, beautiful design) or kind, thoughtful service Rebecca provided. The squares are now providing comfort to my cousin’s poorly baby whilst she’s in hospital. Such a lovely idea and business. Thank you, Rebecca.

I am so glad that these Snuggly Squares have found a loving home and that they are providing comfort in a tough time. Thank you for your feedback!